7 thoughts on “Santa Monica Airport Park Expansion, Design Presentation

  1. The City Page questionnaire is one of the clumsiest I have run across in a long time. As a former graphic designer and advertising executive, this makes me think you are deliberately avoiding comment by the public.

    • I agree with the questionnaire being not well thought out.
      It is not very well designed and does not allow for the community to comment. The design images are so small and not clear on what they are representing. I see three deigns basically the same. SPORTS FIELDS> NO THANKS

      Seriously this should be addressed, if indeed the city really cares to get residents to be involved, or will just do what ever they want as usual.
      The city has not pushed to get the entire airport back and thinking in the future we will is unlikely. SO these phases are a mute point.

  2. An ice rink with a soccer field on top of it is needed in Santa Monica. It would provide diversity of sports for the community. An ice rink has been lacking in the area since the Ice Capades Chalet at 5th & Broadway closed on September 5, 1982 — I know the date because I was there! Now, with Culver Ice Arena gone, ice is sorely needed for the residents of Santa Monica, who have to drive upwards of an hour to get ice time. Ice skaters and soccer players can work hand in hand toward the same goals, and having both the Kings and Galaxy on board would help all the athletes achieve those goals.

  3. I would like to see a design in the style of some European Cities. Big Trees and a long promenade, and many walking trails. I do not like the idea of 3 sports fields, this is not serving the whole community, some adults that have no children or our children are grown.
    A space for seniors to mingle, play board games, sit under a tree, perhaps lawn bowling or bocce ball. A small concert amphitheater.
    The sports fields are not needed or a good idea. No Shade and not serving the entire community.

    • Please be aware that the plan is in 3 stages where what we are talking about right now is phase 1 which is just the 12 acres next to the existing Airport Park. As originally envisaged, the idea was that it made sense to concentrate the bulk of sports facilities in that corner off to the side of the larger park, allowing the other space to remain open and to be used for more conventional park purposes without disrupting the views to the east or west. With that in mind, the Council instructed staff (and Mark Rios) to focus largely on playing fields in the first phase, and to get them done ASAP.

      Airport2Park agrees with this logic since Santa Monica has always had a desperate shortage of playing fields, and we can do a lot of alleviate this in this first stage. Also because there is still an active airport right next to the park at this time, it seems sensible to focus on park facilities that are less sensitive to noise during Phase 1. At the beginning of his talk, Mark was careful to put this first part of the process in context and clarify that it was just a small part of the larger park that we all hope will come to be.

      • I have to disagree with the 3 stages. We may never get the entire airport land back.
        So we build three big fields and then what? Why not just one? Nothing left for the other amenities.
        The idea of a “small part of a larger park does not make sense”. The city may never get the land, so why base the design on something in the future, that may never happen.
        At the community talks with Mark Rios, many wanted walking trails, nature, wild flowers, trees, NOT playing fields. Where did this idea come from? Not from the people attending the presentations. I think that some special interest group or city council brought this up and pushed for it.
        Definitely not the people at the community design meetings.
        This is very sad after all the work that the residents put into coming up with great ideas to have to settle for sports fields. What about the lights? The energy to maintain, artificial turf is not green.
        What a complete coup.

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