The ‘Great Park’ – What it means for our future

Members of the Airport2Park board presented at the Parks & Recreations meeting on Thursday October 11, 2018 on the many important ways that the incremental and on-going creation of a ‘Great Park’ at Santa Monica Airport will positively impact the quality of life for the entire city and surrounds.  These considerations are critical as the City and its consultants begin work on the new 20-year Parks and Recreation Master Plan (PMRP). This plan, rather than being thought of as an ‘update’ to the previous 20-year plan, must fully embrace the unique opportunity the ‘Great Park’ gives us to plan Santa Monica as a model city of the future.  We at Airport2Park trust the City of Santa Monica, its staff, and all involved in authoring the new PMRP will follow through on this vision.

The video below, presented by Airport2Park board member John Fairweather, stresses the role a ‘Great Park’ serves to overcome past issues with parks city-wide that were driven by shortages by providing a path to creating an integrated city-wide park infrastructure where parks, more than anything else, define and become the very fabric of our City.

The video below, presented by Airport2Park board member Michael Brodsky, details the vital roles that parkland, and in particular large parks like the one that will emerge at Santa Monica Airport, play in addressing the climate change issues we all face going forward.  The video presents inspirational examples of other such projects from around the world.