The Power of Parks

So what is the deal about parks? Why are they needed? Why are they so valued and valuable? Is it because they enhance the quality of life; to sooth the mind or just to give us more space to breath? So what is a better time than now, to explore all the values and ways that parks can enhance our lives. So which is the most important? Is it public health? Environmental?  Clean air?  A reduction of global warming? How about the the ways parks contribute to education? What about the way that parks drive economies, or is it the way that parks contribute to community values and a sense of place?  Maybe it is ALL of these things!

Check out the video above by the Trust for Public Land that for 40 years has been conserving land for people to enjoy as parks, gardens, and other natural places for generations to come.

3 thoughts on “The Power of Parks

  1. Nice cutsey little show, but if it weren’t for SMO you may not be enjoying any of your liberties that you know today. It added to your survival, your childerens and grandchilderens also. How soon we forget, be thankful that it may be turning out a warrior class that will once again without thanks save your worthless hide. (NV)

  2. Excellent video from the Trust presenting the critical need for parks. Yes, the airport provides revenue, but it also disrupted the environment and hogs the land. The airport encourages urban development especially among the jet setters. Unfortunately that development increases the need among residents to have some land preserved for parks. In the onslaught of private urban development many residents rightfully feel it best we create a balance with more public spaces.

  3. Yes, kids like parks, but kids love Airports. I grew up near one, and I can say, I really enjoyed hanging out watching the planes with my dad. My city had several parks, and one airport. I would prefer the airport visit to the park any day. (CA)

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