Please help us build on past progress

So much will be at stake this coming year as we work to transform Santa Monica Airport into a great park that can be enjoyed by everyone.

The uncertain year ahead.

We will soon see construction begin of the first phase of the Santa Monica Airport Park expansion. We will see a federal court finally decide on the future disposition of land that we purchased with a park bond back in 1926. We will surely see the FAA drag its feet to maintain the status quo and you can expect to see the jet lobby and the aviation industry mount a big money media campaign to prevent us from creating the great park that we so desperately need.

What we have been doing.

During this past year we have WALKED around the airport with L.A.Walks. We have BIKED with the City’s COAST and Kidical Mass rides. We have MARCHED in the OPA 4th of July parade. We have SPOKEN before the LA County Parks Assessment and the Recreation and Parks Commission. We WEIGHED IN on the design needs for the Airport Park Expansion. We have ADDRESSED the City Council. We have PRESENTED to our friends on the neighborhood groups. We have TALKED to hundreds and thousands of people at our community festivals. We have CELEBRATED our successes together with you. We have BUILT STRONG BONDS with the community, the city staff and our elected officials.

We must be doing something right.

Without your help we would not have advanced the Santa Monica Airport Park Expansion. We would not have passed Measure A to help fund our parks. We would not have had the amazing success this year of having the City Council vote to close the airport as soon as legally possible and replace it with a healthy, sustainable park.

But we can’t do it without you.

We need you to volunteer your time and your ideas, attended our gatherings, reach out on Twitter and Facebook and if you are not free right now, we need you to sit down and write a check for a tax-deductible end-of-the-year donation (1424 Fourth Street, Suite 238, Santa Monica, CA 90401) or give online at: 100% of our funds are from local individuals like you and 100% of our work is an all volunteer effort.

Please donate today so that next year we will have the means for us to reach our goals together.


Neil Carrey

President, Santa Monica Airport2Park Foundation