AOPA financed deceptive ballot initiative petition filed!

AOPAStickinItAs predicted by CASMAT more than a month ago, the national aviation lobby organization AOPA, has pushed ahead with filing their deceptive attempt to handcuff the City and prevent it from gaining control of its own property.  The initiative was filed just two days after the Council unanimously approved a staff report recommending elimination or closing all or part of the airport and repurposing the land for low intensity use such as a park.  Amazingly enough, AOPA was able to announce the fact that the initiative was filed with the City clerk long before any other news outlet found out, in fact AOPA wrote their post before the event they were supposedly reporting  had even happened!

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One thought on “AOPA financed deceptive ballot initiative petition filed!

  1. The proponent of the deceptive petition, Lauren McCollum, is a real estate developer who “develops from the ground-up, residential and commercial real estate” in California, New Mexico, Colorado, and Hawaii, according to her own LinkedIn profile. She is also tied to Western Jet Aviation ( and Boeing. Yet, her petition claims that the City Council, in their attempts to create a new park in place of SMO, is in bed with the real estate developers. How stupid do they think we are?

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