Stapleton International Airport was Denver, Colorado’s primary airport from 1929 to 1995.  The airport was created by Ira Boyd Humphreys in 1919.  By the 1980s, plans were under way to replace Stapleton with a new airport. Stapleton was plagued with a number of problems, including:

  • Inadequate separation between runways, leading to extremely long waits in bad weather
  • Little or no room for other airlines that proposed/wanted to use Stapleton for new destinations
  • A lawsuit over aircraft noise, brought by residents of the nearby Park Hill community
  • Legal threats by Adams County, Colorado to block a runway extension into Rocky Mountain Arsenal lands


Stapleton’s 80-acre Central Park is the 3rd largest public park in Denver. In the summer, Stapleton’s Central Park spoils the community with lakes, bluffs, trees, and walking paths.  Stapleton’s 1,100 acres of open space also borders the restored Sand Creek Regional Greenway and Bluff Lake Nature Center, one of the nation’s largest urban wildlife refuges.

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